Commercial Consulting Services

Seeking a Commercial acquisition within Broward, Dade or Palm Beach Counties then we can assist you with our extensive market knowledge and expertise.  In addition to identifying the Commercial opportunity that meets your investment purchase criteria, we offer clients adjunct professional Commercial consulting services. Acquiring a Commercial property requires a greater and more detailed due diligence process than when one is purchasing a residential property.  And as such, we leverage prior formal structured management consulting experience [gained with global management consulting firms] in support of your acquisition.  This means rigorous analysis guides the business acquisition case.  Likewise, forward looking growth expectations are supported by investment risk assessment, markets research and transaction optimization of ROI; while other financial and economic measures and intangible decision factors support client decision making.

Unique Real Estate – Asset Acquisitions

For prospective clients seeking to purchase ‘unique’ real estate assets such as golf courses, horse farms, mobile trailer parks, agri-farms, shopping centers or sizeable undeveloped land tracts, we provide acquisition options that best fit your business investment requirements.

Business Market Drivers – Consulting Services

Other market drivers in support of your Commercial investment decision we can study and qualify include site selection, geographic competitor analysis, city, county and State business startup and relocation financial incentives, prospective labor force pools, transportation factors, housing options affordability indices, higher education resource availability and other underlying socio-economic ‘quality of life’ decision factors.

Business Economic Climate – Consulting Services

Another decision support tool that can be used in the investment acquisition process is our ‘state of the business climate review,’ whereby we look at the business climate from a local community level up thru the State level [micro – macro level analysis] identifying drivers that can support a client’s decision to move forward on a purchase or weigh alternative options.  This review can prove to be invaluable particularly for first time investors in the State of Florida economy.

Searching For Investment Acquisitions

The Commercial Property search tool on this page [right side] will provide a listing of commercial acquisition opportunities available in the marketplace however, this MLS tool can be limited in scope.  You will be better served by speaking directly with us in order to discuss your requisite investment criteria.  We have access to a robust Commercial markets database offering a greater scope of investment acquisition opportunities. “Leveraging our professional Real Estate consulting services can invariably save you time and money while avoiding costly missteps.”